7 Free Resources to Learn ReactJS in 2022

Created December 28, 2021

If you are planning to learn React this year, firstly I want you to congratulate for taking this step! I'm sure you're going to kill it! But there are plethora of courses over the internet and you're going insane on what should be picked up, right? Don't worry it happens with everyone :)

💡 To make things easier, I've compiled a list of best and free resources to learn ReactJS, that people actually loved.

These are the courses I've found way easier to understand than other courses out there, plus I scrolled over Reddit and most of them included these courses. So without any further ado, scroll down!

1️⃣ Learn ReactJS by Bob Ziroll:

⌚ 11 hrs.

→ Learn the basics of modern React by solving 140+ interactive coding challenges and building eight fun projects.

What you'll build:

✅ AirBnb Clone

✅ Meme Generator

✅ Notes App

🔗 Go to the course ↗️

2️⃣ ReactJS crash course by Traversy Media:

⌚ 2 hrs.

→ This course will help you get an overview of ReactJS, while building a task management app.

3️⃣ ReactJS course by Academind:

⌚ 4 hrs.

→ Get Started with React.js and learn how to build amazing websites with ReactJS. You will get to build a meetup website.

4️⃣ React Series by Codevolution:

⌚ 118 vids

→ This one's a short but detailed tutorial series on ReactJS. I've learned from this as well and it serves concepts really well.

✅ Basics

✅ Hooks

✅ Render

✅ Typescript

+ 1 video on interview question

🔗 Go to playlist ↗️

5️⃣ Modern React by The Net Ninja:

⌚ 32 vids

→ You will be building a fully functional blog while learning the concepts.

🔗 Go to playlist ↗️


Now that you've learned the concept well, it's time to build some projects and show them in your portfolio!

6️⃣ Master React JS by Building Real Projects

⌚20 vids

→ This is a goldmine playlist containing 20 projects to build in ReactJS. Learn React hooks, API data fetching, and much more!

🔗 Go to playlist ↗️

7️⃣ Code 15 React Projects by fcc

⌚ 10 hrs.

→ You'll build 15 cool reactjs projects, taught by John Smilga.


That is all for this one! Hope it helped you.

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