How to escape tutorial hell (short post)

Created September 1, 2021

As a self-taught developer, I always get stuck in a situation where I am extremely puzzled about choosing the tutorial that works for me. Here are some of the ways that can help you conquer the same.

Five steps to get out of a tutorial hell

  1. Make a list of all those tutorials (of that particular language/topic ofc) that you want to take. 1.png

  2. Choose the one having a prominent content table (or randomly if all of them look appealing) and leave the rest of them. 1.png

  3. Have a mindset that if not all, you'll get to learn at least something new from that tutorial.

  4. After completion, if you feel you haven't learned well enough or that some topics are yet to be covered, pick another tutorial/course the same way as in step 2

  5. If none of them helps, try changing your way of learning. Maybe you understand documentation better than a video, or vice versa. 1.png

This has always helped me. Try it once.

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